Ground Crack Inducer

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    Ground Crack Inducer is an inverted V-shaped durable PVC extrusion, supplied in 3m lengths and is available in 25mm and 50mm profile heights. It is positioned on the sub-grade before the dowel cradles are placed.

    Ground Crack Inducer produces a weakening in the slab that initiates a crack in the slab from the bottom up. The Ground Crack Inducer should only be used in conjunction with a PD3™ Plate Dowel Cradle when saw cuts are made in the slab within 2-3 hours of completing the finishing of the concrete.


    • Durable PVC extrusion.
    • Supplied in standard 3m lengths as standard.
    • Available in 25mm and 50mm heights.
    • Ideal for use with Danley PD3™ Dowel Cradles.
    • Controls cracking in slabs from the ground up.