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Danley™ Construction Products designs and manufacture concrete joint products for the building and construction industry throughout Australasia. Established in 1987 by husband and wife team Danny and Lesley Underwood, Danley™ are considered innovators and market leaders in load transfer, crack control and joint edge protection for Industrial Floors and Pavements. In 2012 Danley was acquired by ITW (Illinois Tool Works) and joined other well known ITW brands such as Reid™, Modfix™, Miska™ and Flexus™ to become an integral part of ITW Construction Systems (ANZ).
ITW Construction Systems (ANZ) is a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW) that brings together the combined resources of market leading brands including Reid™, Danley™, Miska™, Modfix™ and Flexus™. Specialising in products and systems for wet concrete construction, ITW Construction Systems now provides greater resources to devote to research and development, engineering and design services, manufacturing and distribution, whilst retaining a specialist sales and specification structure.
Manufacturing plants in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney and distribution centres in Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney and direct representation across Australia and New Zealand.

Research and Development
ITW’s commitment to Research and Development has established a dedicated team and fully functioning ISO9001:2008 accredited Product Engineering Laboratory to understanding and improving Concrete Construction. The establishment and continued support of this initiative demonstrates our commitment and belief in the growth of the concrete industry and serves as a dynamic platform to provide our customers first hand testing, training and familiarisation. This ultimately augments ITW’s commitment to customised solutions and progressing the Concrete Construction Industry.

Reid™ Construction Systems - suppliers of lifting, reinforcing, fastening and propping solutions for concrete precast and on-site tilt-up construction.Reid™ offers the complete package of engineered solutions for the Australian and New Zealand concrete construction industry. This includes sales, service, design, engineering expertise, technical support, delivery coordination and more. Reid™ is at the forefront of innovative concrete technologies, with the design of precast concrete and tilt-up concrete construction systems a particular specialty. Their products help solve construction problems and enable better performing buildings to be constructed more quickly, more efficiently, and at a lower overall cost.  Reid™ supply leading brands including Swiftlift™ Concrete Lifting solutions, Reidbar™ Threaded Reinforcing, NirvanaTM Insulated Concrete Panel System and a range of Architectural Concrete products.

Modfix™ manufactures one of the largest ranges of plastic concrete accessories, bar chairs and spacers, as well as components for formwork and precast.  Working closely with both customers and end users, Modfix has continued to assist in the development of new, cost effective solutions for the building and construction industries.

Miska™ is a leading manufacturer and innovator of Expansion Joint Solutions to the Civil and Architectural markets for over 30 years with design and manufacturing facilities in Australia, supplying worldwide.The Miska™ range offers architecturally inspired engineered solutions for Floor, Wall, Roof, Facade, Ceilings and Seismic applications encompassing options for aesthetics, load, movement, slip resistance, fire,vermin, water, and pathogen resistance. Miska™ have specialist solutions for Retail Centres, Multi-level Carparks, Hospitals, Bridges and most other environments and can work with your design teams to ensure you specify the correct solution for your project.
Flexus™ has pioneered a breakthrough in concrete technology providing a “bendable concrete” to various industries. Flexus™, a fibre-reinforced engineered cementitious composite (ECC), combines the structural integrity of reinforced concrete with ductility several hundred times higher than conventional concrete. Flexus has developed a range of applications for this new construction material focusing on mining (ventilation control devices and secondary support), concrete repair and seismic strengthening.  Flexus is applied as a shotcrete material (dry and wet shotcreting) as well as cast in-situ.
Reid™ Architectural Concrete
The ability of reinforced concrete to take up virtually any shape that an architect can visualise is probably the single most important characteristic which has made it the dominant construction material of the modern age. Reids form liners offer a range of innovative decorative concrete solutions for projects of various size, shape and scope. Replicate stone textures, rock formations, fractured fins, fluted ribs, sandblasted textures, masonry, wooden plank patterns and custom designs utilising either single use plastic, multi use plastic or extended re-use elastomeric form liners.    

Graphic Concrete
ITW Construction Systems is the exclusive partner of Graphic Concrete Ltd in Australia and New Zealand. Developed in Finland, Graphic Concrete™ technology offers a new and innovative method to produce architecturally patterned concrete surfaces. The patented technology involves applying a surface retarder to a special membrane. The pattern on the concrete surface results from the contrast between the smooth face and the exposed aggregate finish. Graphic Concrete™ can be used to create repeating patterns, photos, text or unique works of art on concrete.    

Engineering and Design
The ITW Construction System’s engineering section has qualified, experienced engineers and technicians based in Australia and New Zealand, providing product support and engineering design services to the construction industry.  Maintaining engineering expertise has been a tradition since the formation of the Reid business unit more than 50 years ago. Many of its innovative construction products and methods, based on sound engineering principles, are now firmly accepted practices. The engineering section has grown with the company and today enjoys strong specialist knowledge that is built upon many years of product testing and experience.

The engineering section can offer:
• Shop drawing detailing service – Precast and insitu reinforced construction.
• Concrete lifting design and bracing services for precast construction.
• Engineering information and design for the application of ITW products in special situations.
• Post tensioned floor systems on grade - design advice and design service.
• Engineering assessment of alternative methods/products using ITW systems to provide economies in construction and benefits in performance for a project.