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    The Top Deck Spacer supports both top mesh and top reinforcing bars in suspended decks, thick precast elements and tilt-up panels where stability is critical. Load tested to over 300kg, the Top Deck Spacer leaves a minimal foot print and is supplied in a grey. Unlike wire alternatives, the Top Deck Spacer offers a combination of heights, will not rust, will not spread under normal construction loads and can still be handled in extreme heat. Top Deck Spacers feature a cross bar between the dual supports which provides for the wire-tying of reo, if required.

    Top Deck Spacer Base (Image 2) is sold separately. The base adapts the Top Deck Spacer for use on slab-on-ground applications.

    • Top reinforcing mesh in Suspended Decks or Beams.
    • Thick Precast and Tilt-Up Panels.
    • Suitable for use on heavy duty slab-on-ground applications - when used in conjunction with the base.
    • All reo especially bars exceeding 16mm.

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    • All Top Deck Spacers provide combination/dual heights.
    • Available sizes are 65/75, 90/100, 110/120, 130/140, 150/160, 170/180 and 190/200mm.
    • Top Deck Spacer Base is sold separately.
    • Australian Made. The ramsetreid® manufacturing facility at Chirnside Park (Victoria) is ISO 9001 certified.
    • Complies with AS/NZS 2425:2015.