Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier

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    Superior Defence Against Moisture Permeance:
    Infiltration of moisture through concrete slabs is a major building defect liability. Stego® Wrap has an extremely low permeance preventing water vapour, soil gases and soil sulphates from compromising the integrity of the building envelope and leading to serious problems with the concrete slab, floor coverings and indoor air quality. Stego® Wrap is the best protection against these costly failures.

    Stego® Wrap Vapour Barrier:
    STEGO® WRAP VAPOUR BARRIER (15mil/381μm) is manufactured with Stego® Industries’ proven blend of prime virgin resins and additives. Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier is an ASTM E1745 compliant Class A Vapour Barrier (less than 0.01 perms).

    Features & Benefits of Stego® Wrap:

    • Unsurpassed permeance characteristics.
    • Provides long-term protection.
    • Exceptional tear and puncture resistance.
    • Quick and easy to install. Installation support available.
    • Helps reduce long term slab curling.
    • Stego® Seaming & Perimter Tape Accessories provide a full system solution. 
    • Available nationwide, with local support from ramsetreid®.

    Asset Protection Benefits:
    Mould needs three things to survive: moisture, sustained temperature (between 10° C and 50° C), and a food source (such as dust and dirt). In any given building environment, contractors can only control one of these variables: moisture. Mould spores are present in 100% of building interiors. If moisture is allowed into your building environment mould can and will grow. Toxic moulds like Stachybotyrus can be fatal. Stego® Wrap offers the level of protection that many architects are now seeking and is considered to be inexpensive insurance against these costly failures.

    The emerging trends within the Australian construction industry such as the shift from solvent-based to water-based, low VOC adhesive products for floor coverings have forced the building industry to re-evaluate the control of moisture and moisture vapour. The use of Stego® Wrap Vapour Barriers mitigates moisture vapour that is a direct cause of low VOC (water-based) adhesive failures. 

    Longevity & Strength:
    Stego® Wrap is NOT made with recycled materials and will not degrade. Prime, virgin resins are the key. Molecules within Stego® Wrap “interlock” to provide strength, durability and unprecedented resistance to moisture vapour and radon gas. Stego® Wrap’s puncture resistance is excellent. Stego® Wrap will not tear, crack, flake, snag or puncture, even when 8t laser-screed machines are driving directly across the membrane.

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