Stego Crete Claw Tape

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    Stego® Crete Claw Tape is a multi-layered tape that is used to seal Stego Wrap around the perimeter of the slab while the concrete is placed. Stego® Crete Claw Tape allows wet concrete to cast into the textured top surface to form a mechanical bond/seal.

    Stego® Crete Claw Tape is composed of polyethylene film and an acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive.

    Stego® Crete Claw Tape is 75mm Wide.
    Roll length is 55 metres.

    Dimensions: 75 mm x 55 m (3" x 180')
    Total Thickness: 0.66 mm (26 mil)
    Permeance: ASTM F1249 1.7 ng/(m2*s*Pa) (0.03 perms)
    180° Adhesion Peel Strength (ASTM D903):  3.1 kN/m (17.6 lbf/in)
    Sheer Adhesion Strength: 6.5 cm2 shear test using an Instron 3345 Machine >338 kPa (>49 lbf/in2)
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