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Flanged Dowel & Square Dowels

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Flanged Dowel Boxes are multi-directional metal sleeves supplied with high capacity square dowels. They are able to be attached to metal or wooden formwork with ease with their integral nailing flanges and location marks.

They allow for both contraction and expansion at the joint, as well as having a large lateral movement capacity. They are ideal for construction joints in both ground and elevated slabs and are available in a number of different standard sizes.

    1. Integral nailing flange for fast fit attachment to formwork
    2. Chalk line marks are integrated in the flange to mark centre-line position.
    3. Large lateral movement capacity (minimum of 20 mm either side of the dowel)
    4. Large expansion joint capacity (20 mm standard)
    5. Supplied in kit form with a friction cut square dowels to AS/NZS 3679.1, Grade 300.
    6. Galvanised box with Black or Galvanised Dowels


    • Designed for Post Tension joint applications with large shrinkage
    • Allows for movement in two directions in the horizontal plane
    • Reduces risk of restraint
    • Simple nail or screw on installation.
    • Eliminates the need to drill or process formwork
    • Reduced likelihood of sleeve knock-off when placing steel
      reinforcement mesh.