WavePlate™ ArmourMate™

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    The innovative Danley™ WavePlate™ ArmourMate™ utilises disruptive joint technology to protect concrete edges and continuously supports passing material handling equipment (MHE) and LGV, providing for a smooth, low impact transition across joints up to 20mm wide.


    The offset design of the WavePlate™ ArmourMate™ improves joint performance and serviceability by preventing debris and other contaminants from filling the joint – aiding thermal expansion and protecting the load transfer mechanism - without the need of a filler or sealant. The continuous studding profile provides consistent even anchorage in the concrete.


    The full joint WavePlate™ ArmourMate™ system is supplied in standard 2.1 metre lengths and is available in a range of profile heights for common slab thicknesses in Black or Galvanised finish. WavePlate™ is also available in a Top Rail Assembly configuration. Intersection Nodes are also available in both Black and Galvanised.


    • Disruptive “Wave” Joint Technology provides the smoothest possible transition over joints.
    • Fully supports MHE to 20mm joint width gap.
    • Supplied in 2.1 metre lengths - Black and Galvanised.
    • 100mm offset plates for seamless joining of lengths.
    • WavePlate does not require the use of epoxy fillers or sealants.
    • Supplied with Galvanised sacrificial separation plate. Replaces traditional timber form boards.
    • Twist-n-Lock Stake Bracket system allows for fast set-up and levelling.
    • Full Joint System available in 145mm, 165mm, 190mm and 245mm profile heights.
    • Danley™ Diamond™ Dowels provide load transfer to the requirements of TR34 (4th Edition).
    • WavePlate™ Node Intersections are available – Black and Galvanised.
    • Top Assembly configuration is also available – Black and Galvanised. Subject to minimum order requirements.



    • No Gaps! No Bumps! WavePlate™ provides a smooth, low-impact and quiet transition over the joint, ideal for LGV & automated MHE.  
    • Danley™ WavePlate™ ArmourMate™ is ideally suited for a range of industrial flooring designs including E-commerce Distribution Centres, Big Box Retail, Food Warehouses and Cold-Storage Facilities.
    • Fully encapsulated joint system prevents debris and other contaminants from filling the joint, as well as mitigating the ingress of pests including vermin and rodents.
    • Reduces concrete spalling and damage at the joints.
    • Reduces the high maintenance, service & repair costs of MHE attributed to the impacts caused by conventional rail systems. 
    • Reduces floor maintenance and downtime costs over the life-cycle of the facility.
    • WavePlate™ is tested and validated to a 25+ Year Design Life.
    • Innovative Intersection Node is compact, lightweight and safe to carry around site. 
    • Top Rail Assembly is available for slab designs greater than 300mm in depth. 
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