PD3™ Dowel Cradle

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    The patented PD3™ design features a tapered and sleeveless plate dowel that provides the world’s best performance in limiting joint deflection to provide superior joint stability.

    The PD3™ Dowel Cradle provides the highest deflection control tolerance in line with ACI Standards recommendations to limit joint spalling, facilitates load transfer and provides the lowest risk of restraint that ensures the best serviceability outcome for the slab design. The use of the PD3™ system extends the life-cycle of the floor to provide the highest level of floor efficiency for tenants and the highest return on investment for the asset owner.

    PD3™ Dowel Cradles are designed to provide a total contraction joint system solution by incorporating two systems in the one solution. The tapered PD3™ plate dowels allow for lateral movement eliminating the need for a plastic dowel sleeve. The wire cage (cradle) acts as a chair and spacer to ensure the dowels are aligned and maintained at the correct height and spacing during the pouring of the slab.

    The elimination of the plastic sleeve from the dowel ensures direct concrete to steel contact , providing the best possible control of load deflection by eliminating the crush factor of the plastic, and in turn, tighter control tolerance than other sleeved plate dowel systems.

    • The PD3™ Dowel Cradle features a plate dowel with bond breaker allowing concrete to steel contact.
    • The PD3™ Dowel Cradle utilises a tapered plate dowel that allows lateral movement without the use of a plastic sleeve.
    • The wire cradle construction ensures the accurate placement and alignment of the plate dowels at the correct centres and height within the slab.
    • Available in 6mm, 10mm and 20mm plate dowel thicknesses.
    • PD3™ 20mm is available on a made-to-order basis.


    • No plastic sleeves required.
    • Direct steel contact allows superior load deflection control.
    • Engineered to meet Super Flat Floor (SFF) requirements, ACI 360-R10.
    • The use of the PD3™ Dowel Cradle creates a lateral and longitudinal movement void.
    • Reduces the risk of restraint.
    • Provides fast and accurate horizontal and vertical placement.
    • Superior control of vertical deflection increases the life span of gap sealants both internally and externally.
    • Prolonging the life of gap sealants also protects against moisture and debris migrating into joint cavity.
    • Wider sweet spot for sawcut provides greater tolerance for contractor accuracy.



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