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Workplace Health and Safety is the primary consideration in the planning, organisation and functioning of Danley's Administration and Manufacturing operations.


Safe Work Practices

Danley™ has a responsibility to continually review safe work practices and to maintain the highest level of safe work environment for staff. To achieve this Danley™ is continually working to eliminate exposure to risk and injury by providing adequate procedures and systems of work that will create and maintain a safe work environment and conform to the Workplace Health and Safety Act and Regulations.



Management neither expects nor requires any employee to attempt anything unsafe. In addition to this, each employee shall demonstrate concern about their own safety, that of their work mates and the public within the work environment and also for the property and equipment they use, or for which they are responsible.

Each person is required to do their utmost to prevent accidents and develop a spirit of safety consciousness within the workplace.


Safety Committee

Danley™ acknowledges its responsibility for consultation on matters related to health and safety in the workplace.

The Danley™ Safety Committee supports the implementation of the Danley™ Health and Safety Policy and assists and advises on the coordination, promotion and maintenance of Workplace Health and Safety within Danley™ facilities.