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Round Dowel Cradle

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Round Dowel Cradles are suited for efficiently limiting deflection in contraction joints in concrete slabs, roads and pavements. The 3 m long pre-fabricated cradles ensure the dowels are set at the exact height for the specified slab thickness and at precise spacing to minimize installation time. Round Dowel Cradles can be easily cut to required lengths or butted together to form large runs and Intersections. The dowels are shrink-wrapped to provide a de-bonded surface against the concrete allowing the dowels to move. The round dowels do not allow for lateral movement as the slab shrinks. Round Dowel Cradles are manufactured to meet the specifications of road authorities throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Round Dowel Cradles are designed to provide a total joint system solution by incorporating 2 systems in the one solution, being the square dowels and shrink-wrapping as the load transfer system and the wire cage that acts as a bar chair and spacer to make sure dowels are maintained at the correct and height and spacing during the pouring of the slab. Round Dowel Cradles are made custom to customer specification only.

Note: For larger sized dowels, length is reduced, limited by maximum weight of 25 kg for which can be safely handled by one man.


    1. Dowels, covers and chairs incorporated in one system.
    2. The wire cradle construction ensures the accurate placement and alignment of the dowels at the correct centres and height within the slab.
    3. Supplied in standard 3 m lengths, cradles with larger dowel sizes may be shorter in length.
    4. Dowels made from AS/NZS 3679.1, Grade 300 steel.


    • Provides fast and accurate placement of the dowel systems.
    • Wire cage ensures correct horizontal and vertical dowel placement.
    • Simple installation, minimising setup time and costs.
    • Reduces the risk of restraint.
    • Provides fast and accurate horizontal and vertical placement.