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PodStar™ Spacer

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The PodStar™ acts as a spacer keeping the pods at a designed 110 mm spacing forming internal beams of uniformed width. The reinforcing bars can placed in these beams and are held in a central position by the PodStar™. It can also be used to form edge beams of 270 and 300 mm width using the clip-on extension. There are no sharp parts in the PodStar™ to pierce the membrane.
    • Can be used with any residential pod brand or type.
    • Strong and stable construction.
    • Minimal flexing and distortion.
    • Optional extension for edge beam support.
    • Centralising reinforcing bar locator system.
    • 50 mm chair for beam reinforcing bar.
    • Large aperture design facilitates continuous, uninterrupted and consistent concrete coverage.
    • No sharp edges or corners on the base.
    • Asymmetrical design provides different uses.
    • Offers uniform and centralised reinforcement placement.
    • Environmentally friendly design: Manufactured from recycled material.
    • Minimises the likelihood of ground moisture penetrating the membrane post pour.