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Diamond™ Dowel

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Diamond™ Dowels are plate dowels suited for construction joints in concrete slabs and pavements. They transfer vertical loads across the joint and minimise differential deflection between adjacent slab panels under load. Easy to install they attach directly to wooden form board or metal separation plates. They come pre-packaged with all components ready for installation.

Available in two packaged options:

Box Format Packaging - Diamond™ Dowels in box format are packaged, in the cartons illustrated with installation instructions. Each carton contains 25 sets of 6 mm Diamond™ Dowel plates and plastic sleeves (orange), or 15 sets of 10 mm Diamond™ Dowel plates and plastic sleeves (blue).

Bulk Pack Format Packaging - Diamond™ Dowels in bulk pack format are packaged, for bulk orders. The sleeves are packaged in one large box with 500 units. The dowels are packed flat onto a skid, the sleeves are packed into a box and packed on top of the dowel and shrink-wrapped. The reduction in packaging reduces the product cost.

    1. Standard Diamond™ Dowel plates are saw-cut from steel bar to AS/NZS 3679.1 Grade 300.
    2. Maximises surface area at the joint.
    3. Nailing flange provides secure attachment to form boards.
    4. Double-headed nails help retain the sleeve in the concrete when stripping the form boards.
    5. Sleeve provides expansion capacity of 5 mm.
    6. Sleeve system ensures the dowel is perpendicular to the form board and is stable.
    7. Sleeves moulded from durable, non-compressible high flow plastic.


    • Eliminates any drilling or processing of formwork.
    • Allows for diagonal shrinkage movement in two directions in
      the horizontal plane.
    • Reduces risk of restraint.
    • Reduced likelihood of sleeve knock-off when placing steel
      reinforcement mesh.
    • Maximises surface area of the joint line.
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